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a seasonal spin on accessible

farmers market information.


Vision Statement

The seasonal nature of farmers markets makes it difficult for users to find accurate, reliable information. The individual market websites are difficult to compare to each other, often not updated, and not optimized for mobile use. Out of these challenges grew Harvest, an application offering accessible, reliable information about nearby farmers markets.  




Research -  

Design -       



10 weeks

5 weeks (10/2 - 11/1)

5 weeks (11/6 - 12/13)

farmers market frequent shoppers

farmers markets around Seattle

This project was completed over 10 weeks throughout the fall of 2018 in the course HCDE 318: Introduction to User Centered Design.


Of the 10 weeks, the first 5 weeks consisted of user research, while the latter 5 weeks were focused on designing our application. Our team chose to design for farmers market shoppers after researching both vendors and customers at the farmers market and conducting careful analysis of design opportunities for each group.


Throughout this process we visited different farmers markets around Seattle nearly every week, worked with the Neighborhood Farmers Market Association, and iterated on potential design solutions to address our user’s pain points. We created the application Harvest to provide shoppers accurate and up-to-date information about the farmers market.


Design Question

How might we mitigate shopper confusion caused by the dynamic nature of information about vendors, products, and the market itself?




The first phase of our process involved getting to know more about farmers markets, vendors, and shoppers through various methods of research. Through this phase, we gained valuable insights that informed the rest of our design.


Once our research was complete, we put pencil to paper, and marker to whiteboard and began to ideate, develop, and test our interfaces. What began as sketches and low-fidelity paper prototypes slowly began to take the form of Harvest.

Final Product.

We added life, color, and branding to our wireframes in order to create the final interface mockups. These final mockups represent the culmination of hours of work and have been joined together in an interactive prototype simulating a functional Harvest app.


Meet Team FreshUX

Lexi Rohrer

Amy Tang

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Hi! I'm a sophomore in the Human Centered Design & Engineering Department interested in pursuing UX and product design.


If I were to run a farmers market booth, I'd sell: sunflower seed butter. I'm allergic to nut butters, and I go through jars of the stuff. I might have a slight problem getting sunflowers to survive in Seattle, but I'm sure I'd figure something out.

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Hi! My name is Srinithi, and I am a junior studying Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington and am interested in UX design and research.  


If I were to run a farmers market booth, I'd sell: lip balms and sugar scrubs because they are fun to make and can be packaged in cute ways!

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Hello, I'm Lexi! I'm studying Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington, and plan on going into UX research and design after I graduate in 2021. 


If I were to run a farmers market booth, I'd sell:  chapstickI learned how to make it at science camp when I was younger, and remember it being both fun and functional! 

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Hello! My name is Amy, I'm a senior studying Communications at the University of Washington. I recently discovered my passion for UX and hope to pursue UX and product design.

If I were to run a farmers market booth, I'd sell: flowers! Whenever I go to the farmers market I love seeing all the vibrant colors and instantly feel happier.

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